Since blogger's templates suck, I've attempted to shift :) May be back here in no time though, since this space's been my ranting arena since forever. Holds my many memories as well :) Ohwell, may just keep it for memory's sake I guess. Okay, here goes,


I just wanna get out of the house but I cant. I hate it here right now right now. Feel like blasting some zombies to cure the irk.


MATH1115 tomorrow, wataaaah, I need all the luck in the world! It's the most wonderful module anyone can take you know. I'm so scared I can pee in my panties now, i is not lying. But after that, it's f-r-e-e-d-o-m! Partypartyparty tomorrow chopchop swear! All the best for your mgmt paper tmr too my dear :)


And, who wants to be quarantined? Come find me! I could possibly save you from shitty ns. Those having holidays, just fk off. Hahahaha

I've been so utterly bored to death, just attempting to keep my brains alive, so pardon me. This is my latest and best record wahwootsssss. Click on the link below if you're equally bored and loserish too, join ma club faggots.

www.19online.net/math or you might wanna try http://www.hotel626.com/ (not exactly for the faint-hearted though). All the best for both!


xi xi ha ha guo yi ge kuai le nian.


I just bought my new loaf of bread and new carton of milk!! Okay you've got to understand, that's my week supply of food, I've obviously got to be elated about it :)

In response to the above, I feel so juvenile.

Urgh having Stats tmr, I just wanna get it over and be done with. Joy's friend lent me his notes and cheatsheet, so basically I've just got to read and know what's where on the cheatsheet teehehe, makes things so much easier for me.

Oh, and my toes have officially defrosted :D It's 14deg today and it feels warm already. Ohemgee, I'm gonna melt in Singapore please. Dear Friends, please scoop me up whenever that happens, thanks much.
It's Five Fifteen. I'm tired, my eyelids heavy, my fingers not as swiftly light while typing this, my being's weary, but I cant bring myself to sleep. Now and then, I remember how happy I am, how I find joy from the people around me. Why isn't it the same for you? You should too. Life's all bright and cheery, everything around you justifies it. Maybe try looking beyond yourself for a start, be more sensitive to the people around you. I understand that you've got your issues, but hey buddy, dont get too excessive or obsessive over them, give yourself a break.


Useless Havaianas should be chucked aside till Singapore comes la! And someone from the hostel wanted to file share but I disallowed the command hahahaha, boos to you, must pay money! And at the rate I'm blogging, I should just join the bird community and get twitter or something zz, you think?

I'm still craving for wantonmee..


Okay Cindy told me to soak my toes in hot water, so that's what I'm doing now zz. They claim it's frosssssstbite. Like omg, I got frostbite. Damn lame. If it doesnt get any better by tonight, her friend's gonna send me to the hospital tmr, which my mom said I could spend the weekend in hahaha, Mommy you think hospital's a chalet ah! So I'm diligently soaking my feet in hot water now, I want no hospitaaaaal. Idk why, I'm craving for wantonmee now. Must be the hot water my feet's in, my feet looks like wantonssss

NG, who are you? But yeah, thanks ah :)